Woke about 7:30 – Had some coffee – got paper + back to bed. Both of us up around ten/thirty. I tried to call Harold Stern. Not there. Got new household checks + put the acct in order. Paid exterminator + garbage Paid Hayes, forwarded a bill to Mary Wren, packed some paperbacks for Carl + Sue and wrote Dick Rund with our tax returns. Enclosed a copy of my letter to Mr. Berg, Dick worked on the coolers – will have to get new pipes. I did a very small amount of weeding. Went for a ride in Dick’s new truck. We had bacon + eggs for breakfast-lunch. I read + lay around while Dick worked on the coolers. Called Judy Massoli and am going back to Gloria Marshall’s tomorrow at 9:00 – And I need it! Larraine is no longer there Evidently there had been complaints about her. Well at least I never did that. Called Alice Turner + am picking her up tomorrow at 12:30 – we sorted out the mess of clothes in the bedroom. George Jr. came by while Dick was asleep – full of ideas for expanding his father’s concrete business. I told him to come back at 6:30. Dick awoke + we went shopping + mailed letters. Home. Called Izzy to thank her for check. She’s going to do another play. George over. Interesting talk. Dick extremely sober + it’s such a pleasure. After he left we watched TV over chinese dinners. I knitted another square for my rug (?) and we went to bed about 10- watched the Bold ones + lights out by 11. Leisurely day with quite a bit accomplished