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Wakeup at 7:00 – ordered coffee + melon for Dick. I ate his strawberries. Left at 8:20. Got to Burbank at 9 checked in the car + waited for our plane. Dick suddenly noticed he’d been charged twice for the Roosevelt garage + went to call them. While gone they announced our plane “First + Final call” – Dick no where to be seen – Everyone boarded. I had Dick paged twice they told me they couldn’t “hold the plane, madam.” Still 4 or 5 minutes before scheduled departure but I was fit to be tied by the time Dick appeared. I guess I thought too that he’d been in the bar. Which he hadn’t. Anyway I calmed down + it was an all right flight. I read Ellery Queen’s mystery magazine. Home at 10:40. House clean. Dogs happy to see us. No digging We went to bed, made love + slept til nearly four. Dick shopped for dinner. I called Magda and gave her a list of names + numbers in New York. Jimmy Judge stopped by for a while + ate most of Dick’s cookies. We pottered about the place picking up a few things here + there. Had nice steak dinner and went to be watching the Pink Jungle. Quiet recuperative day. Which is just what we both need.