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Up at 5:45. Bathed dressed, coffeed + off to airport. I took makeup and book with me in overnight bag (prophetic?) Picked up Herz car in L.A. + went in to Beverly Hills to drug store for coffee and a few items. Bought appetite control wafers – Dick took me to Neil Sloane’s + drove on to El Monte. Good to see George. Nice haircut and got manicure. Took cab to Leons (funny Indian driver who’d just taken a couple to Las Vegas on Tuesday for $130.00!) Went to bank + deposited $100. Dorothy let me in office. Leon arrived a little later and had a 4:30 reading for me for a film. I said I couldn’t do it. Our plane left at 4:00. Got very depressed and said it was time I “faced” the fact I had to forget about acting blah blah. Leon upset. He called + got the appt changed to 3:00 which wasn’t any better. Dick arrived Thank God + Leon told him about the reading + he said “Great – We’ll stay overnight.” So that was that. Lunch at Frascati’s back to office + called Wendy to feed dogs. Over to Goldwyn Studios to meet Dick Berg – writer Producer of “Sheila” – Well written very contemporary film. I felt I was not “right” for the part but I did give a very good reading. (an “on the nose” reading to be sure but good.) Felt great after even though I shouldn’t get the part – We took Leon to the office + then checked in at the Roosevelt. Napped + went to Leon’s for dinner. Home to Hotel about midnight Room had refrigerator – whee. Both tired + bed immediately. (Lyn Stalmaster casting incidentally for film. Ran into Howard Morton in outer office. Magda Harout going to N.Y. for a show and I called her)