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Up at 6:30 – Dick not here. Pottered about wondering what to do. Called showboat at 7:30 – not registered. Called shop. No answer. Denny over at 8:45 – no key. Called shop again a little after 8. Dick answered, heard my voice + hung up. Russell suggested I write him a note which I did. We all had breakfast + then drove down to the shop. Russell went in to say good bye + gave Dick my note. Dick said he’d call me later. Co + R + I went to Circus Circus + then to the bank where they cashed a check for Russell. Picked up the Ford + [crossed out letter] came back here. Russell packed. Co + I played a little spite and malice. Went to the airport a little after noon. Had nice lunch + then played some slot machines. Thank God Both C + R won at last. Saw them off at 3 o’clock + hated to see them go. Came back via Stop’n’go. No word from Dick. I lay down + read + he came in about 4:30 + said “shall we just forget the whole thing?” I’m afraid that’s the catch phrase alot of the time but I agreed. We discussed trip to L.A. tomorrow + then the guy from Challenge Cook Bros. called + said they’d deliver the pump + save Dick + John $750 state sales tax. So we decided to fly to L.A. Got reservations. Dick went to see John + we called Denny + Wendy Had Chinese TV dinners + went to bed at 9 o’clock. Exhausted.