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Slept all day. Russell woke me about 4:30 or 5 with coffee. Dick home. He’d thought we were “in jail” when we hadn’t come home at 6 o’clock this am. Seemed an unusual assumption. Russell took the Ford to get some groceries. Dick asked Jack + Joyce over + Danny + Margie for a drink. We were having clamdiggers – Dick called a cab + ordered more vodka. Everything fine until he told me he’d talked with Jimmy. I got upset. He told me that he’d merely called for “an opinion” + that Jimmy had said he thought Congressional interference from outside would do Dick more harm than good. I agree of course but I felt bothering Jimmy was very wrong. Dick then said I’d been willing to do it for Bill Wellborne – I said I didn’t think a grave and a license were the same + he asked me if I cared more about Bill than I did about him. That seemed so out of left field + so [crossed out letter] unrealistic that I answered very snottily that I’d known Bill alot longer than I had him. Whereupon Dick walked out. Russell back in a cab as the damn ford had broken down again (“battery low – new relay!!”) Other cab came with vodka + J + J + Danny + Margie all arrived almost simultaneously Jack told me he’d been against Dick calling Jimmy just on general principles Oh Blah Blah. Had pleasant time (except I was crushed) + they left. We had steaks + salad + baked potatos [potatoes]. Dick called to invite Russell to a poker game at the Showboat hotel – “Room – 223” – First Russell said okay then he called back + said the VW wouldn’t start. Put me on the phone + Dick hung up. We were all tired + went to bed. I read for a bit + had the phone by my pillow but it didn’t ring. What an incredible picture Russell + Co must have. Oh hell.