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122 3/4

[crossed out words] Denny at the house at 8 – Told him I planned to keep Dick in bed til he slept it off – Denny told me he was supposed to be taking the exam today God! Called in + said he had to go out of town. Then discovered he’d called them yesterday + asked to take it today. Postponed til next Tuesday. Gave Dick strawberries + sherbet + a little later some ovaltine. Went to the bank with Coco + over to the Blvd. She got some nice things at the B’way + we walked through the mall. Stopped at B. Dalton’s to see Elaine but she was on phone – chaos reigning here. Home by noon. Little by little got Dick up. I’d talked with Murray Levine whom he was supposed to meet at 8 and some other people. Russell went with him to the shop about 1:30 – Co lay in the Sun and I lay indoors + read an Agatha Christie that Annie sent me. We played a couple of games of Spite + malice + then bathed + got all dressed up – in long skirts – I loved it!!! Dick + Russell back at 6 or so having put in a very constructive day. So happy – We went to the Sahara Don the Beachcomber’s first for a mai-tai and hors d’oeuvres + then to see Flip Wilson. Great show. After Dick said he was going to go home + go to bed + for us to stay. He was in good shape so I agreed + stayed with Co + Russell. We went wild – gambled like crazy + then went to the Hacienda Spent $450. Dick called me there at [crossed out words] 6:30 (from the Sahara) So I decided no point in our getting back to see him off. We came home at about 10 am – quite drunk + broke –