Woke pretty hungover. Dick put in a call to Dick Rund who wasn’t in. I called Wendy who said she’d come over. After Dick left Dick Rund called. He had figured in Dick’s self-employment insurance but he’d assumed that Dick had paid his estimated income tax. So that cut down our over-payment by $2200! But we’re still way ahead. Lucky we’d spoken. I kept working on the blanket. Wendy over at 9:30. We talked + had beer and then she had to go get Christy + did some shopping. We got the place tidied up for Co + Russell whose plane was 4 1/2 hours late. I finished what I had of the blanket + had time to bathe, wash my hair, take a few no-doze and take a nap. By the time I went to meet Co + Russell was feeling in the pink. Brought them home + they got a bit settled. Russell + Co had a drink + I had some coffee + then I drove them down the strip and over to the shop in the mall. Dick there and pretty crocked I guess. They really liked the Shop + Russell had a few good ideas about the pool We went to Hamburger Hollow for a drink + had two. Dick had to wait for the telephone men to finish installing the rotary line so he suggested we “forget about him” + go have a good time – He’d take a taxi home. Well I should have known better. We left a little after him + he was reeling off into a cab as we made our exit. Went to Golden Nuggett + had cheeseburger for dinner then gambled. I won about $35. Co + Russell both lost but not vast amounts. I had coffee + ginger ale + only a few drinks. Drove us home at 2 am. Dick not here – Co to bed. Russell to bed a little later. I read. Dick in at 3:30 – blind drunk. Had gone out gambling + lost $400. Got him to bed