Happy Easter – Dick on waking had polished off a bottle of wine plus so didn’t feel too grand. We took the Easter Tree over to Jack + Joyce’s + didn’t have a drink. Dick went to meet the bricklayer at the shop and I worked on the childrens’ blanket for Child Haven. Laid it out and attached the five strips. Called Daddy + had nice chat. John supposed to come over at two to talk to me (!) about advertising + TV promotion. He called to say he’d be late. It’s all a little pointless but anyway I made up some names for possible pool models + patios – starfish, starlet, star bright, Lucky Star, Star sapphire etc. Dick home at 2:30 – fixed the sprinkler. We made reservations for Flip Wilson. I cleaned kitchen + made bed. Napped + read. John didn’t show. Finally called to say he’d be over in an hour and a half so we went to J + J’s + took a bottle of wine. Dick back at 7:30 + they brought me over a little later. Crocked. John liked some of the names. Gave Joyce my reservation at the Hacienda for Danny + Margie. [crossed out letters] John phoned it in. Dick + I went to bed without dinner which was a monumental mistake.