Dick off about 8:30 – I’d taken a milltown + felt a bit better. We talked some and I tried to explain how I felt. The important thing really is that the whole source of my feeling is already irrevocably in the past. We called Co + Russell and they are coming. I’m so pleased After Dick left I called Bill Wellborne. Got him just before he was leaving for St. Vincents Hospital. I was very glad I called He repeated himself a great deal and from the conversation it was really apparent that his mind is beginning to go Confusion of times, places, people. It may be very cruel to feel this is good but I think it must be better to not know you’re dying when there is all the bitterness and anguish + pain that Bill has. I guess he knows but I think he’s slowly losing the full awareness – oh shit I don’t know what I think. I wrote him a letter + enclosed his check. Jerry McGruddy will now be picking up his mail for him. I called Wendy + Irene and made [crossed out word] out orders for the sauna belt and Lee Wards craft stuff. Went to the mall for lunch with Dick at 12:30 – taking a hacksaw, catalogues + his glasses. So much stuff he’d forgotten I forgot to take my letters! We ate at Hamburger Haven + had a bottle of rosé plus. Left quite giddy but felt good about all we’d talked over. Came home + paid Lookout mortgage + Lazaro Mendoza. Watered back bushes and found [crossed out letters] some branches to make Easter trees out of. Had bought some [crossed out word] craft material at the mall hobby shop. Easter cards from M.J. + Mom and note from Chemical to the effect that noting is owed on our taxes. Whee! Took mail to Reno Lane, went to Sprouse Reitz + bought some feathers + artificial flowers + Easter chocolate bunnies. Safeway for groceries and Mary the change lady gave me a card from a movie casting director William Lone who’d said for me to call him – was very touched + will. Came home + started spraying branches gold. Dick back at 6:00 – really smashed. He went to bed in a huff at 6:45. I fixed 2 trees, had some soup + went to bed about 11:30. Dick waking up + apologetic + alot better.