Air comptrollers out now + all air traffic slowed down

C.H. – 3 hrs.

Wendy + Denny coming over at 7:30 but we called + made it 8:30. Made love. Denny + Dick off at 8:45. I did some laundry + talked a bit with Wendy. Changed my X-ray appt to 1:00. We hung the other living dining room curtains. Called Dr. Schiffman + Bill had signed out of the N.Y. Infermary. When I try to put myself in his shoes it’s too awful to think of. Paid a few bills + left the house a little after 11. Went to laundry + took blankets + clothes to be cleaned. Picked up stuff Bought groceries + had lunch at Safeway. Went for X-ray. Then stopped by the Mall to give Dick the keys. They’re painting the place a light blue. Same feeling of depression + increased headache. Must have this out with myself because it can’t go on. I think back to the check that arrived from the U.S. Trust back in Dec. of 1968 and how happy I was giving it – or most of it – to Dick for us. I don’t want to run his business but I never gave that check to John Carpenter + I really feel a very deep sense of betrayal. Went to Child Haven Worked with a rather large group. The joy of the session was a girl named Carol who knit + finished a square + had never knit before. When I left I discovered my wallet was missing. I called the Dr’s office but not there So then told Linda – the kids had to be searched. It was little James who’d taken it. I felt very badly + know it was my fault for leaving the bag out. Talked it over with Mr. Dalton. Only a few dollars missing at the end. Came home. Note from Timmy. Read for a while + then did some ironing. It looks as though Co + Russell won’t make it with the air strike. Fixed ham for dinner. We watched TV. Headache back in full force. Watched “Love American Style” in bed.