Up early – ironed curtains. Called Dr. Schiffman – Bill “a lot better” – now wants to leave N.Y. Infirmary_ being fed intravenously. Had been admitted Tuesday “in a comatose state.” Called Nevada Power Co. Dick home at 10:20 after having his lab tests for physical. Went to wonder world to pick up car. Parked VW at John’s + drove down to the Charleston Mall + saw the store. John there and their bookkeeper – acct. Shirley. It’s a huge place with all sorts of potential. Would love to have some hand in decorating it but am not going to lay myself open to another slap in the face. Left so depressed I couldn’t see. Went over to see Clesse Turner. Alice there and I was immensely cheered. Found out a little about the CCA points although Dick has “to talk it over with John.” Went to Lee’s office equipment and bought myself some goodies. Then went to the Silver Slipper and lost $35. Went to the Castaways and won $20 in a really freaky streak. Went to the bank + deposited $493.30. Went to Sprouse Reitz and bought needles + wool, a small rug + some odds + ends. Went shopping at Safeway and [crossed out letter] had some late lunch + played the nickel machine (Lost $1) a terrible wind + sand storm came up suddenly. Saw Joyce there. Came home. Everything swirling about + the house protesting in the wind – I finished ironing the curtains. Had a message form Dr. Schiffman who “would call again” but never did. Went over to J + J’s to pick up the truck – I came right back to wait for the call. I crocheted around 17 little squares for the kids in Child Haven. Heated the roast beef + fixed carrots + salad – Had bad headache _ all evening. Leon called around 9:30.