Henry Avery called at 7:30. Bill in the N.Y. Infermary. Later after Dick left, I called Dr. Schiffman in N.Y. who talked about $85 a day for the hospital room. I called the cashier at the N.Y. Infirmary + said I’d be responsible for Bill’s bills. He told me to send a telegram to that effect in case Bill isn’t eligible for Medicaid. Which he may well be. Called Henry to say I’d done that, had talked to Schiffman + would send Bill’s money when he’s back at the hotel + the strike’s over. Called Tony Melia about my insurance and called Jim Brown about the possibility of buying the house. Thinks he’d be interested. I paid my L.A. taxes – $429.02 and wrote Tony Melia tp raise my insurance. I called Alice Turner + said I’d stop by to see Clesse today. Went to W.O.W. and saw Daisy, played the machine, picked up a bottle of wine for Clesse + one for Dick. Also a little white fence for our xmas tree. Lawn man told me today that the dog’s pee was killing it. Then couldn’t get the Ford started. Went to automotive dept after calling + leaving a message for Dick. Was at Wonder World for 3 1/2 hours until Dick came + picked me up at 6:30. Car still wouldn’t start when we came home in the VW at 7:30 after a couple of drinks in the Serene Room. New battery – new solanoid (?) and new starter – Came home to find a check from Izzy for $475.00 – Half of what she owed me – Wow! Talk about timing. And a residual for $18.30 from Run for your Life. Also a power bill for $93.00! Evidently Bonita is on it. We had TV dinners and went to bed after watching some TV. I went to sleep during Englebert Humperdinck