C.H. 1 1/2 hrs.

Morning began with a call from Henry Avery – Bill going to a Hospital – had been “bleeding from the mouth and rectally.” Ed Condict called asked him to dinner. Wendy here at 9. We took down the remaining curtains + washed them. Ironed some then went to Bank of Las Vegas to open our household acct. Next to Bank of Nevada to cash a check. Downtown to Western Union + wired money to Henry Avery. Then Ethel’s knitting bar to get some beginners books. Safeway to shop and home. grabbed a hamburger + went to Child Haven. Very popular there today thanks to My 3 sons. Had a good time + got alot of kids involved. Home at 3:30 – Paid bills – lawn care, magazines, Phone bill. Denny here. Dick had offered him a job. Wendy left at 5:15 or so. Have one more window plus hall left to do. Dick home at 6 – Put in a roast. Called Ed + Dick went to pick him up. Lovely evening with him. All his ideas are now suddenly acceptable thanks to the discovery of a cell component called polywater. The convention here – neuro-electronic society – Ed holds all the patents. Really very exciting. Took him home at 10:30 after a swing downtown to see the lights. Stopped at Valley bar – a former actor – Lou Straley – bartender. Home at one o’clock – Dick had a night cap – I went to sleep. He + John rented the offices in the Mall today.