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Made alot of phone calls today – Called Pat Robeson + went to see Ed + Casey + Betty Isom to say I was on TV. Called Mom Michels + Cassie as soon as Dick was up – Strike there too – Las Vegas mailmen went out today. Called Co + Russell who are coming on the 29th – and Hilary who told me that Bill can’t be buried in Arlington after all. It was closed in 1967 to all but Congressional medal winners + Viet Nam dead and Presidents – She said Daddy is really doing beautifully + maybe he + she + Jim could come + visit us. How I’d love that. Called Tulsa + spoke with Larry + called M.J. + spoke with John. (Drue + Dick not home.) I washed two middle window curtains and the windows + panel – magicked the couch wall. Dick went shopping for me at 6 o’clock + I grabbed a fast nap. Jack + Joyce over about 7:00-7:30 Had drinks + watched the show. I thought I looked thin + my hair looked great but I felt as though I was a bit heavy-handed in the playing. As I exited, our TV set went out – Grand – we’d had too many drinks to want much dinner. Alice Turner called + said I was prettier in real life. (?) We played Poker + then J+J went home + Dick + I sat up + drank enough to float a pickup truck. Leon had told him over the phone to make sure he stayed in control of his business – Also that All Star could be improved on – (not in so many words of course) Oh well. I went through some sort of change of attitude today – Maybe because I’ve gotten alot of it off my chest.