Up at 6:30 – coffee. Called Dick at 7:15 – He was a little the worse for wear. Ironed the guestroom curtains and the kitchen curtains before Wendy got here and washed the front curtains Put sealer on the shelves. Wendy here at 9:30. We hung the finished curtains + she “deep-cleaned” the guestroom. I also washed some blankets + put them away in mothballs. Called Linda at Child Haven – will go in on Tuesday + told her about “My 3 Sons” as I did Alice Turner. We had hamburger for lunch and then I started ironing the front curtains. At 3:30 I was too tired to stand and I took an hour’s nap. We really underestimated the time element in the amt. of cleaning we hoped to accomplish. I took Wendy home at 6:30 and went with a book to the Dairy Queen for another hamburger. Then over to the Safeway for a few groceries + to spend a few nickels on the machine. Home at 9 and changed. Went to pick up Dick + John – Held up by traffic at the Russell entrance for Paradise. Then an automobile accident in the entrance to the airport – car had gone crashing into a palm tree finally picked the guys up. Took John home and we went to the Elbow Inn. Played some quarters – had some drinks + went home. Things a little cool and I guess it was me – I don’t know. The dogs delighted to see Dick which was nice. Bed about midnight – or a little after.