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Mail Strike (3rd day) still on

Well – today at least was productive. I put the first load of curtains in before Dick left. Fixed us a bacon + egg breakfast. He + John left a little after 8 – Had washed the second load + was ironing by the time Wendy came. We had coffee + talked – Got everything turned out in the den. Made an appt. with an electrolux salesman for 2 o’clock. We went to Von Tolbels + bought panel magic and a small area rug for Dick’s bathroom then to Corb’s for an unfinished book case (for the records) and some stain and a nice [crossed out letter] utility tray for Dick’s shop Next the safeway for window cleaner, cigarettes + odds and ends. Forgot the sizing + had to go back. Home + ironed while Wendy washed windows. Electrolux man came around 3:30 – He made a few unfortunate remarks as he demonstrated like – “uhh – argh – you can use a deep cleaning job” etc. But I bought it with all it’s attachments and after cleaning the backs of two trianta’s paintings – accumulated dust of Paris, N.Y., L.A. + here I was as pleased with it as Wendy. Thank you letter from Patsy Enelow for valentine, from Luise a very sad little note – she’d gotten the money but she’s sick + “ashamed of being poor” and very forlorn. Dick called + I told him Pulliams had called + Mike Fosse. He + John were on their way to Leon’s I talked my feelings about John over with Wendy and was glad to have verbalized them. Dick called back to tell me Pulliams had an offer for $36,000 for the house and I said that was a rotten offer + he said he thought so too + would I call Mac Yarbrough + tell him. When I did Mac Y. said he was “very confused” as Dick had just told him yes he’d take it. Oh Shit – anyway I told Mr. Y. the price was $42,500 and that was that. Called Dick at Leon’s + all a little drunk. Wendy went home at dinner time + came back at 8:30 – We worked til 11:30. Dick called again at 11:00 – really very drunkish – Said I’d call tomorrow at 7:30. Wendy + I finished the den – (deep cleaning) – panels, windows, furniture, floor etc –