Dick – 177.

Phone woke us earlyish – Henry Avery from N.Y. to say Bill was checking himself out of the hospital today. I told Henry I’d sent the check for the Van Rensselaer to him Sat. + it should come in tomorrow. It’s going to be about $175 a month. Told Henry to keep the difference. I asked him if he could have Dr. Sullivan send the bill direct to me + he said he’d arrange it Bill will now mean $525 a month plus Dr’s bills but at the rate he’s going it won’t be long. I was hungover, tired + depressed all day long. Managed to get next to nothing done. John Carpenter over + then he + Dick took  off. Stupid discussion of company name – “all star” – ugh I watered lawn + read detective stories + made chocolate diet pudding Lay around all day. Belle at Tropicana called + told me that Lamarr Bennett didn’t like John Carpenter. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it + didn’t feel she should tell me this. Something’s very fishy over there. Dick talked to her + Lamarr later. I wrote Timmy who’d written a letter about not accepting the A.A. any more although it’s all that keeps him going – type thing. Told him I thought we’d had it out + enclosed this month’s check. Funny card from Annie was the only bright spot in the day. I hate this feeling of money being so goddamn important + being the one thing I seem to be good for. I’m sorry for myself I know + presumably will get over it. We had TV dinners, watched TV and had a long talk about Lamarr Bennett etc. I said I’d like to see him find out what’s up. Dick called + we’re going over at 2 o’clock. I’m worried about this whole venture. If Dick doesn’t get the Anthony dealership + the Tropicana yard that means starting out from scratch + a hell of alot more money than originally thought of.