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Strike over.

Leisurely day. In the morning I typed up letter to Mr. Berg re Dick Rund with a carbon to Lester and a covering note re-iterating my feelings. Dick went to the store + picked up another little golden arbor vitae for the front walk. Ed Kulick swung by with Casey’s father in tow while I was weeding – Seems like a nice man. Worked very hard. I weeded the planter beds and another 15 feet or so of the driveway. We had poached eggs + bacon + toast for lunch + then after re-seeding the front lawn, transplanting the tree, fertilizing all + watering we took a nap. Bathed + washed hair. Went over to Jack + Joyce’s around 5. A little turmoil there because Danny with wife to be and 4 kids (ages 2,4,5 + 6) are coming for a visit in the beginning of April. We had a really great dinner of Steak + lobster and too much to drink as always. Played Poker and for once Jack had a real streak of good luck. Funny evening, Left at 10. Came home + had several night caps + some rather pointless talk I guess. Bed by midnight + watched the end of “Anastasia” before going to sleep. Both of us sore from using different muscles in yard work. (Hell I don’t use any muscles for anything!) Dick getting fat + we’re going on a diet. Starting tomorrow.