Dick Rund called this A.M. for Dick’s extra tax information. I ordered flowers sent to Mary Jean + Druscilla then I wrote Henry Avery with a check for $250 for a month’s rent at the Van Rensselaer. And I asked him to have Dr. Schiffman mail me his bills directly I wrote Bill + told him I’d sent the money for one month’s rent + would send him his check as usual at the end of the month. With his rent paid and Dr. Schiffman sending me the bills I told him I felt the $350 would be ample to cover any extras. I wrote Annie + returned her 2nd check for $250 along with one of my own for the same amt. Told her in detail about the trip. We made a shopping list at Van Tobels for some outdoor work + went over – we’re going to re-lay the bricks in back + re-plant the front lawn. Got the stuff + then went to Keno lane to mail the letters including a letter to Leon from Dick with a check for $3,000. Then went to pick up the dogs. Delirious to see us. All groomed + shiny. Glad to see them. Brought them home via the strip. Saw all the pickets. Dick started pruning branches + I did a little weeding of [crossed out letters] grass in the driveway. Went to the Safeway for dinner stuff. Al Guida over with insurance policy. Worked a little more. Was tired + depressed so took a nap. Dick fixed up his workshop. He, too tired + depressed. Strange. Had barbecued steak + went to bed after a little TV. I wrote rough draft of letter to Mr. Berg.