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Twins’ B’day. Slept til about 9 o’clock. Wendy had cleaned up the house yesterday so not coming. George over around 10 – John Carpenter too. Got to know him a little and I like him. Called Howard Pennington + woke him in time for his plane. Funny chat. Gave Dick a check for $33,000. He + John off to see Lamarr Bennett today. I was exhausted + got nothing accomplished. Wendy over to pick up her check. Its the twins’ birthday and I’d meant to do something about it + didn’t. Dick came in + said would you believe me if I told you I miss the dogs? Called Pet Town + we’ll get them out tomorrow. I lay around all day + read. My big jackpot went on Weds. $1229!! Ho Ho. Will never let a machine get to me like that again. We had chinese TV dinners and went to bed early. Dick tired too. It was a crazy trip.