Dick got me up with pepsis + coffee + kept me talking til I was really awake. Then he went to sleep while I typed up my income tax stuff. Henry called to say goodbye. He’d seen Bill this morning. Joanna called later to say goodbye which was very nice of her. We got our stuff packed + checked out at one. Went to the Eastside terminal + checked in our bags. Had lunch there + a bloody Mary which helped. Went to see Dick Rund with our tax stuff. Somehow it got mentioned that he’d been at the bank 23 years – It really jarred me. Went to say goodbye to Lester + then met him on our way out in the lobby. Asked him who to write about Dick Rund + he said William Berg. I will + I wish I’d done it years before. We went to see Bill. He was talking about being “at the mercy of every spade in Harlem” within earshot of the black nurses. Had been caught smoking last night. He told me he was going to check himself out of the hospital if they didn’t move him upstairs. Told me to call Henry to tell him to get him a room at the Van Rensselaer. I did. Then told me he’d need money for the hotel and for Dr. Schiffman. I said I’d take care of it. Henry told me that Bill had $850 saved out of the monthly allotments. He doesn’t want me to know. Poor Bill. He’s gotten devious along with all the rest and I don’t care. The man I cared for is long gone. He’s a nasty-tempered, sick, sick sick hull of a person. Blah, Blah Blah. Back to the terminal. Called Drue + tried to get Colby without success. Took the limousine out in rain + sleet. Nice trip. Plane almost empty. Nice stewardess Judy Taney – who gave us about 10 drinks. Home to a ghost town. The culinary union is out on strike + the hotels are all closed up. Letter from Annie with the other $250. We had a night cap + went to bed. Message from Howard Pennington who’s in town.