Woke with hangover. Dick went out + got coffee – then back to sleep. I wrote a note to Seth + started work on taxes. Got alot done. We went up to see Lester at 11:30. Had a very nice lunch + time with Julia. Stopped + said Hello to Dick Rund. Back to the hotel for a nap. Dick went out + bought a sweater + a shirt for Bill. We went over to see him. 3 others there + bringing him cigarettes I was angry + told them they weren’t doing Bill a favor. When I went in he just said God damn it I’m waiting for someone important.” So I left + decided we’d see him later, I was hurt + I was angry. Decided not to go over tonight. Called Dr. Sullivan who was going out + he said Bill has so few pleasures left that if he wants to smoke don’t blame him. Dear Dr. Sullivan. He’s right and it is Bill’s life what there is of it. Felt alot better. We called Drue + Dick + after a nap + a lovely dinner at the Fisherman’s net we went down to see her + Dick + Scotty + a girl named Linda whom we both liked. Good time + very drunk Dick brought me home + somehow managed to stay in control of the situation. It’s been such a weird trip that I’m very glad he came. I don’t think I could have done it alone the way things have turned out. Spoke with Henry in the afternoon and he’s all upset with Bill too.