Rainy Stormy Windy.

Up at 6:30 – Henry Avery called. Bill [crossed out letters] perceptibly improved but still very bad. Felt we should come today. We made reservations to leave at one o’clock. I called Lester to say we’d be in + Then Julia Mullen called to say she’d had the money wired out to my bank today. I washed the dogs’ blankets, called Pet Town + Wendy. Then a little later I called Lucy Foley and Child Haven to say I couldn’t be in today + would be out of town for the rest of the week. Got together my tax stuff. Dick home at 8:15 – too rough a day to pour the Aladdin deck. He took the dogs to Pet Town + went to see John Carpenter. I went over to Wonder World + looked at the machine. Somebody playing. Went to the bank + while I was waiting to talk to Jim Schafer the money arrived. Cashed a check for $300 plus a $100 check from Dick. Home + packed + bathed. Dick made me a sandwich. We called a cab to the airport + took off a little after one. Easy flight – direct. Henry + his girlfriend Joanna met us + drove us in to the hospital. Hard to find one’s way about + was glad of their company. I went in first to see Bill. Painfully thin but oddly enough I felt + so did Dick later that he looked better than he had in January. He was very crochety with me but had a good visit with Dick. Henry in to see him + then Joanna.  We came back to the Van Rensselaer + checked in. Small – neat but not gaudy – single beds. Went to the Cedar Tavern for drinks + dinner at 10:45. Dick + I stayed at the bar until one thirty. A little stupid but we were keyed up and our time is not adjusted yet.