Turned in hours C.H.

Called Alice Turner in the morning. Clesse is extremely ill + their daughter is here from Australia. Wish there were something I could do but don’t know what. Cleaned up kitchen. Called Lester about loan. Can be arranged. Left house about 11:30. Went to Wonder World – machine $1,160! Bought a paperback mystery + new yorker + had a sandwich at Kentucky Beef. Stopped by Child Haven with crochet hook + went to Guild meeting . Sat with Annabel Miller. Sent regards to Alice + Clesse. Home feeling depressed. Dick told me Henry Avery had called + Bill in critical condition in an intensive care unit. Has received 8 pints of blood in the last 2 hours. Spoke with Henry a little later. Bill had been wandering – was asking for me – In + out of awareness. Wants to be buried in Arlington cemetery. Called Hilary who said she believed that anyone who has served honorably in the Armed forces can be buried there but that if pull is needed Jimmy could + would help. Must find out rank serial number + date of discharge. Told me Daddy was fine and driving. Called Dr. Sullivan who’d just talked with the hospital + said Bill was indeed critical but he couldn’t (+ they couldn’t) make any predictions. He didn’t know anything about the mechanics of Arlington. Called Henry back + said Jimmy would help if necessary. He asked if I wanted to come to N.Y. I said I had to think about it a little but we’d talk in the morning unless something changed for the worse. Dick suddenly said about 11 o’clock he was going to come with me. I don’t feel he should leave at this point but I’m also afraid he doesn’t trust me in New York + that’s so depressing I can’t think about it.