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Up earlyish – Dick off at 9 – I pottered about + then after 10 went to the Tropicana to cash a check. Played a little black jack. Did all right Watched an extraordinary run of bad luck for a dealer. Went broke though 4 decks! Home at eleven. Dick put together the rest of the barbecue – 4 screws short. We went to Child Haven – took some wool and a round needle for Doris. Saw Nancy + Vanessa. Went to lunch at “The Old Heidelburg.” – formerly a Denny’s + not much different. Went to the house on Bonita. It looks lovely with the floor waxed etc. Went to the Party Shop + got a candle centerpiece to put on top of the barbecue and some odds + ends. Went to Wonder World + Dick got the screws while I put $10 in the machine And then he put in ten!!! Up to $1,076! Scary. Went to Safeway + bought a $6 steak, booze + salad stuff. Home + fixed hors d’oeuvre’s – radishes, cauliflower, mushrooms, scallions etc. Prepared Steak, salad, potatoes etc. Bathed, shaved legs + washed hair. We drew the curtains in front windows + had barbecue with accessories + candles on top right in the middle of the living room – When J + J pulled up we lit the candles + [crossed out letter] opened the door. Perfect gift! And dinner was really a perfect dinner too. The Steak was great. We played Poker after and the evening went on too long + with too much drink. They left around two thirty And we staggered off to bed – Or I staggered – Dick had been more moderate. Annie sent check today.