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Child Haven 13 –

Up early Wrote diary. Called Colby re Alaria + their visit. George + Dick here for coffee. Called Annie to borrow $500.00 Funny talk. Ordered flowers to be sent to Bill. Wrote a note to Bill. Pottered about. Wendy late + with Christy. Dogs had dug up front lawn again. Went to Wonder World. Machine in use. had hot dog + went to child Haven. The children all off to an art gallery except Doris + a new girl named Rosie Key. Gave Rosie needles + told Doris I’d bring her more wool (Bill’s sweater) tomorrow. Went to Penney’s + bought more wool. Went to W.O.W. + played machine for an hour and a half. Hit a $25 and 2 12.50. Joyce stopped by. Left with some money because I’d promised to be back at 4 o’clock Went to Safeway + got some groceries. John Carpenter here Seems perfectly pleasant. I had a message from Leon at his office + was all excited. Called + it turned out Marge Benson was coming to town for the weekend + wanted my address + number + he wouldn’t give it without my approval. By the time I called it was too late. I felt terribly. After John + Wendy left I cried + Dick got all upset. Brought up Dick Kneeland + “those people” + said I “belong with them” + that he (Dick) “flunked”. Blah Blah Blah. Big help. I went off to bedroom + wept + then realized I had to try to explain to Dick so went + found him out back + tried. We had some drinks + a snack + later chinese TV dinners. Put together lower half of Jack’s barbecue. Watched Love American Style in bed. I have to face so many things and it isn’t easy for me.