Tried to call Annie this A.M. Got the Morris Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore but they’re not there. Was told to try the Pabst in Milwaukee. No answer (?!) Called Elaine at B. Daltons re “under Milkwood” She wasn’t there. Dick back at 10 and then left again. We decided to get Jack a barbecue for his birthday. I called Child Haven + said I’d be in tomorrow at 1 o’clock. After the guild meeting on Monday would really like to get things organized for knitting lessons. Am beginning to think I could do it. Went + cashed a check + played the slot machine. It was hit last night for the $400 jackpot by an employee. Who didn’t tip June! Came in while I was there + gave Daisy $5.00. I played $60 before hitting a jackpot. I’m now behind on that machine + am behaving like an idiot. I won’t tell Dick but I admit it to myself. Went to Safeway + got groceries. Hit a $12.50 there for $2 so regained a fraction. (Left with it.) Dick home we had lunch + made love + napped. Good note from Colby both about visiting which would be fun and about Alaria. All easy to work out. Will call her tomorrow. Called the Sullivans + Annie’s at the Uihlein Auditorium in Milwaukee. Called Info + got number which I’ll try tomorrow. Went to Sears + Penney’s and got a lovely barbecue for Jack. Saw Elaine + she’s going to take over this store!!! Whee! Said she’d check with friends about Under Milkwood. Her friend at Harper Row is now in charge of childrens books. Wouldn’t that be nice but who dares hope. We went to W.O.W. + the guy who won last night was camped on a stool + saying he was going to hit the big one! Home. Had stuffed peppers + watched the African Queen – Lovely film – good evening.