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Dick off after saying good bye to Timmy. We went over to Wonder World + Glory be – Timmy hit a $5.00 jackpot with a dime + minutes later hit a $10 jackpot on a quarter machine. I played my monster a while. It’s in the 800’s now. God. We went to look at Bonita + the key we had got us no further than the garage. So wandered around outside peering in. Then to the Castaways at Timmy’s request. He played a few machines without luck and I played some 21 with luck. Came back here to eat + then took him to the airport. A wait of over 30 or 40 minutes. I won a $12.50 jackpot passing a machine + dropping in a quarter! Put it in my bag for Wonder World. Bought a copy of Jack + Jill to see what’s the going thing for children. Kissed Timmy good bye a little after 2 + went to W.O.W. Had a run of good luck. Dick came by while I was playing + I hit a $25.00. Told him I’d be home by 5. I was after putting it all back in plus $20. When I left the jackpots were up to $919 and $400 – We had a quiet TV dinner + watched television. Dick had taken my financial statement to the contractors’ board + left it with them including a personal letter from Lester. Depressing as hell – having statements strewn all over. Dick went to bed at 9. I stayed up a little longer.