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Spent the morning at the desk – diary – letters to Bill + Dr. Sullivan. Paid Mortgage -Lookout. Sent flowers to Clesse Turner. Called University to get refund on Real Estate Seminar. Called Adoption Agency to say we were still interested but in the middle of Dick’s changing businesses. Man from Pulliam’s came over to get key to house on Bonita (Paul Harr) gave him a key which after he left turned out to be a key to NOTHING! Oh dear. However he’d hopped across the street + gotten a listing on the Isom’s house so all was not lost. Dick home earlyish Don Pulliam won’t buy the house but told Dick he was certain he could sell it this week for $40,000. So I don’t have to buy it. Hope to God this works out. Lazed around a bit in the afternoon. Went shopping with Timmy around 5:00 – Bought Pork and it wasn’t the cut Dick had asked me to get. Miserable evening therefore. He didn’t eat any dinner and I got a lecture before + after. I’m beginning to feel totally useless except for my money + my body and I’m very unhappy about it. Ou sont les neiges d’antan and what about the things I’m interested in?