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Alarms for 8 o’clock. Called Henry Avery – nothing new but he’d arranged for Bill to call me at 9 our time. Henry can get Bill a room at the Van Rensaelen Hotel when he gets out for $46 a week. Horrendous tale of getting Bill’s things out of the Keller – urine, stale feces, blood + soil bugs etc. He left alot of his clothes and pots + pans etc. I’m glad. We’ll start him off fresh. Bill called at 9 o’clock + sounded pretty good – The Dr. there had told him Dr. Sullivan had called. The nurses liked his flowers. He’d going to “hang in there this time” + wait until they think he’s well enough to get out. Dick told him to “shape up.” I said I thought that was a bit much coming from him + Bill laughed. Said he’d write. Sounded very weak + breathless at end of call. We made love + then Dick slept a bit. I fixed eggs + bacon + toast brunch for Timmy + Us. Dick off to help John Carpenter move. Timmy + I went to see Circus Circus – What a headache place. Bought a few groceries + went to Wonder World. Machine up to $818 – I played $15.00 Came home. napped + then went to dinner at the Jungle Club. Very good. And over to the Silver Slipper burlesque show. Loved it + we all had a good time until after. I wanted to play $5.00 of [crossed out letter] Black Jack. Had won $12 when Dick who wasn’t going to gamble came over + bet $15 on my hand altho I asked him not to. Ruined my streak or pleasure rather. Came home feeling a little sour although I did manage to pocket + preserve $30.00 for Dick. Total evening for 3 cost $70 which I guess is all right. One other thing – Dick called Mahlon Brown yesterday for a contractor’s Pool License. Now I feel we can ask them for a kind word on the adoption business.