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Rainy day.

Woke at 6:30 or so. Dick up + dressed + ready to leave. Thank God I woke up. We had it all out about the last week + I think I managed to convince him I had a little something to be upset about too. We made love + slept + things are better. Dick has decided to sell the house to Don Pulliam for the appraised price to start the new business with John Carpenter – He’s going to make over “Michels + Hall” to George. Well it’s all such a big decision + I’ve been so out of it I don’t know what to say or think or feel. But I did tell him I thought he sure as hell had to stop drinking if he’s going to be running a business + he could learn a little diplomacy if he wants to survive in a business. Timmy + I went over to Wonder World + played machine a little. Went to an art shop + bought some brushes + paints. Went to the Tropicana for lunch + cashed a check. Went to the Blvd + bought some paper backs at a sale + saw Elaine + Alice Turner – Clesse is in the hospital. Looked in all the shops for a shirt for Timmy Found one that (naturally) was the wrong size. Went back to Wonder World to buy a cap for a 3/4″ rigid plastic pipe for Dick. Put a few more dollars in the monster’s maw. Came Home. Dick hadn’t heard again from the Pulliam office + now wants me to buy the fucking house. Oh God. I don’t want to so much I can taste it. “We’ll talk about it later.” Where the hell do I come in in all this. He’s cut out a piece in the paper about triouts for “Under Milk Wood” at the University. We all napped + then had a remake of last night’s dinner + played 21 for pennies to give Timmy an idea of the game. Timmy went to bed about 11:30 + Dick + I talked for a while about the house. Hell. Hell. Hell.. Called Henry Avery again about noon (9 o’clock here) George evidently happy with Dick’s plans. (?)