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12 1/2 hrs – Child Haven

I sent flowers to Bill.

Up at 6:30 – Dick off to work. Figured out hrs at Child Haven. Called Irene – good chat. Timmy up + we went grocery shopping at Safeway – then to Wonder World + the bank. My machine up in the 700’s – terrible. Bought wool + needles + things at Sprouse Reitz. Home by noon. Called Henry Avery who sounds like a good guy. Told him I’d called Dr. Sullivan + when I’d talked to him this eve I’d call him (Henry) + let him know. Wendy fixed me a sandwich. Eva Jenkins had called to say Hello + Happy Birthday to Timmy. Jen Goldsmith called to invite Dick + me out this weekend. Had to ask for a raincheck. Took off a little after one for Child Haven. Worked with 3 teenagers – Denise, Doris + Mike. Started 2 of them on caps and Doris on little squares. Pam has been transferred to Detention + don’t know what she’s done with the squares already finished. Nancy joined us at the end. Went to Safeway + got a cake bought some little gifts for Timmy – moustache wallet, and cologne. Home + put them in the flight bag (executive-style) we’d decided to give him. Successful gift. Called Dr. Sullivan. If Bill ever touches another drop – it’s death. As it is he may have any where from 18 months to 2 years. Dr. Sullivan says the V.A. is the best place he can be from a medical pt of view. Elaine arrived about seven. She’s such a dear girl. I really like her – Extremely pleasant evening. Timmy’s chicken, a lima bean dish, rice + rolls + cake with one huge candle. Elaine left at 10:45 + we retired shortly after – Dick said to me – Well we blew it again – Too tired + drunk to make love. I said there was more to love than sex which he twisted all to pieces.