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A Mrs. Ostenson’s daughter came by about the house on Bonita

Tearful morning – feeling very out of things + useless. Called Julia Mullen + called Dick Rund who wants our tax material in a couple of weeks. Called Lucy Foley – explained what we’d been doing at Child Haven, Called Wendy to apologize for Monday morning and called Elaine Mills to invite her for dinner tomorrow night. Paid Phone service + Lazaro Mendoza. Sent valentine to Dick Rund, money + note to Bill + wrote letter for Clara Bailey. Cleaned Timmy’s bathroom a little + mopped up the kitchen dishes – Went to Wonder World and played my machine at noon. Won 5 12.50 jackpots and a $25 within 40 minutes! Kept putting it back in to try for the big one ($692) but gave Daisey about $12 + left with $20 profit to pick up Timmy. Went to Safeway + got groceries + then dragged Timmy back to Wonder world. Lost but not much. Home at 3. Dick there with the news that someone named Henry Avery had called + taken Bill to the veterans’ Hospital today with acute cirrhosis of the liver. It had taken 4 days to get him in during which time he’s been passing blood in his urine. I’m to call Henry Avery tomorrow at noon. Oh Christ. I called Dr. Sullivan + he said he’d find out what he could + to call him tomorrow night. Poor Billy boam Was horribly depressed but Dick nicer than before. Tried to nap + couldn’t. Fixed a roast for dinner + a good vegetable mixture Timmy told me about. We watched TV + talked + I knitted. Dick got a little carried away on the subject of George + his hesitation about going into the pool business. Kept it up after we’d gone to bed. He’s dropping the real Estate course for which I’m a little sorry. Irene saw Bentley + doesn’t need an operation. Only good news of the day.