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Slept lateish today too _ ten o’clock. Dick wanted to make love – I was cranky + unresponsive. He got up + left. I paid bills – Florist, Phone bill, Nevada Power. Argus Champion. Wrote Scotty + sent him Daddy’s book c/o Drue + Dick J. Mailed the lot + stopped in Wonder World. A lady had hit the small Jack pot ($205) + had put most of it back in in quest of the large one. Went to the Sahara to pick up Timmy’s tickets + played some black jack. Played for about 2 hours – down $10.00. Went to Child Haven to drop off the cap. The boy’s name Richard Salerno (I’d put in initials R.A.S. but didn’t know his name.) Nurse there wants me to make a cap like that for her son – “will pay.” Told her it would be some time but she could have it for free – if + when. Went grocery shopping. Home at 4:30. Letters from Daddy, Bisy, Susan + one from Leuse which must have crossed mine with a check last week. I fixed ham for dinner. Dick didn’t eat. Watched TV + knitted – Dick cool all evening. Bed at 11 o’clock. Stupid day.