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11 1/2 hours – Child Haven

Impossible to get up. Dick not working. Wendy came over at 10 o’clock to visit and after one look at me said she’d come another time. I got some coffee going and by the time Mary + Les came was passably awake. We had coffee + called Daddy. Les called a local friend in Advertising – Bob Fenton. I spoke with him too + will go see him sometime. I took Mary + Les to the airport. Did a little shopping + came home. Jimmy Judge came over. He + Dick (who was just getting up) had some of Irene’s cake + we all had coffee. I left at 1:35 for Child Haven. Very quiet there + the older kids depressed as it was a holiday + their case workers weren’t working. Took my blanket for Dick to show them. Worked with Vanessa + Eartha + Sharon. Vanessa doing well. Home via Wonder World. Dick had finished a pint and a half of bourbon with John Carpenter + I was teed off. No mail today. Had asked Jimmy Judge for dinner but he couldn’t come (called at 6:15) I heated up the boeuf bourgignonne for dinner. Watched TV. Finished cap for the boy at Child Haven. Bed about 11.