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Our Anniversary – Millie + Ike called at 8:30 + Dick said we’d call back. Slept another 4 hours. I got up + fixed coffee. Irene came over with a beautifully decorated Devil’s Food cake for us. Had coffee with me. Showed her Dick’s blanket. The children Sue + Chris went out to look for lizards. Dogs no trouble. Mary + Les called at 4:00. Dick up at 4:30. Called Howard Werner who asked Dick when we were going to take advantage of his invitation at Louigi’s. Dick asked if 4 of us could go tonight. Yes – a booth at 8:00. Called Millie + Ike. Nice chat. Mary + Les over to give us a bottle of champagne. We took it over to Jack + Joyce as a token for Jack’s birthday. They gave us one of those fancy table lighters as an anniversary gift. God. Met Mary + Les at Louigi’s. Nice dinner + nice time. Went over to the Aladdin after. My fault (if I have to blame someone) Dick left after a bit + Les + Mary brought me home. Dick up + drunk + angry at me for staying. I felt that to be with a brother-in-law who doesn’t drink + would bring me home was the very safest + best place he could leave me. Forget it. Bed at 3 am. (Dick doesn’t work tomorrow as it’s a legal holiday.) The Michels called us at 6 o’clock – just as we were going to call them.