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Wild Rainy day. Thunder + lightening _ heavy hail storm. I was up at 10:30 When the Florist came with a really beautiful arrangement of orchids from Cassie, Mom + George. Was very touched. Knitted + pottered around. Went over to meet Mary + Les about 3:30. Had a sandwich at the Hacienda – First Dick had taken me to Child Haven to drop off a crochet hook for Pam Notero (I thought her name was Pamela Ferrell!) Dick + Les went to look at the house on Bonita and Mary + I played the machines at Wonder World. I lost but Mary stayed absolutely even. They’re much looser than the machines at the Hacienda. Left + came back to the house. Had a drink + then went over to Zorba’s. Had a nice dinner and a really funny evening although we stayed for the first part of the show and it was too long to sit there. We left in separate cars at 11 o’clock. Dick was willing to stop for a night cap – We went to the Valley bar + with a roll of nickels I hit 777 and won $55.17. Bought the bar a drink. We played 3 games of pool + I played again with someone named Shirley? – While her husband talked with Dick. We left about 2:30 or 3:00 A.M. Because of jackpot told Dick we were even for the weekend.

Took CCA points over to Norma Lamb.