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Wendy over at 9:30 – we talked a little. I [crossed out letters] worked on blanket all morning. Finished putting it together at about noon. Talked with Alice Turner. Called the Rousseaus to apologize for not staying last night. We changed sheets Wendy cleaned whole house plus oven. I did 3 or 4 loads of laundry. I went to Child Haven – the kids going bowling – most of them. Worked with Eartha (hopeless) Sharon (pretty hopeless) and Vanessa whom I’m pleased with. New girl named Pam who knows how to knit + crochet around squares for blanket for nursery. Only crochet hook too small so told her I’d drop one off tomorrow. Went home via Grant’s + got hook + needles + wool + rug yarn. Told one of the boys there who asked me to knit him a black wool cap (“like Bronson’s”) that I’d try. He leaves Wednesday. Home by 4:30 – Wendy finishing up. Dick asleep on floor of Library. I wasn’t too happy. Woke him before I left for airport + he said to bring Mary + Les back here – he was “all right.” I did + we had a drink (Mary, Les + I) + Dick left for class. I guess he was okay. We went back to the Hacienda – they checked in + I played 21. Les bought a good dinner – I tried to teach Les to play 21 + had him a little ahead for the evening. Dick over + he + Les played Keno. I joined them + won $25. All I won Dick took + then got me to cash a check for $100. He got in a poker game. I took back $80 so he lost $20. I lost 20 of the $80 so came back with $50. Lost my raincoat. Someone walked off with it in the ladies room. Home at 5:30 A.M. Dick upset.