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Sent – “Welcome Home” flowers to Daddy. Called University for reservations + was told we didn’t need them. Called Irene – no answer. Called Child Haven to say I’d be in tomorrow. Crocheted 2 more strips together – 1 + 2 _ + 2 + 3. Went over to have lunch with Elaine about noon. Funny time. Ate at the Flame pit. Horrendous story of lady who’d ordered the $750.00 edition of Alice in Wonderland with the Dali illustrations. The book was Lost by the airlines. Ouch. Left her with folder of correspondence. Too dreary to think of. Bought a glorious stack of books at their sale. Some really good ones. Went to Wonder World + played a little + bought some groceries. Home. Had tried to get copy of Antigone but without luck. Told Dick he didn’t have to go + he was upset. (Poor dear was alot more upset after he went.) We had dinner at a new place named Zorba the Greek. Good. Thence to the University for 2 hours of boredom. The Trelean de Paris do their stuff in a classical-reading style. Long speeches + for Dick must have been incredibly dull. I missed alot myself – Reception after very uncomfortable + we left after about 10 minutes. Never did meet Cecile Rousseau. Went to Le Bistro bar + talked with the chef (Serge Velut) + a buddy who’s an asst. chef at the Tropicana – Daniel Rafanel. Stayed til [crossed out letters] 1:30 or so – Dick insisting he was in good shape for work. Had message from Annie so called as we thought it might be urgent. Not in the least. Just wanted to say thanks for the Candy gram – when I told her we’d been to a French play she told me, “You owe Dick a great deal!”