Got out the box of papers concerning “The Lion” + sorted out a few that seemed relevant. Went to the Hacienda + cashed a check for $250.00 + then went to the bank and got a check for $200.00 for Leuse. They have no correspondent bank in Germany but the guy told me she could cash it at an American Express. Home + wrote Leuse Wrote Timmy with check for A.A. + $50 extra for cabs to + from airport. Also sent him plane reservation times. Message from Elaine that she couldn’t make it til one/30 so drove over to Mohigan + picked up our invitation to the reception tomorrow night after Antigone. Met M Rousseau. Mailed letters, home. Elaine called + couldn’t make it so I suggested lunch tomorrow. Fine. I fixed the holes the dogs dug in front. The place looks terrible. [crossed out words] Crocheted the last 2 strips of blanket + before the evening was out I crocheted 2 strips together. Will definitely have it finished by Sunday (except border I guess.) We napped in the afternoon + I read my new detective stories from Sue – (Good bunch) We had steak for dinner – Just delicious. Got bill for candy grams + paid it.