Windy day – Dick off to work + back soon as they couldn’t pour. I read + knitted alot of the morning. We went back to bed and stayed there until Dick went to see Don Pulliam about the house. I finished the first of the crime club volumes + fell sound asleep. Dick woke me at 4:30. I had sniffles (pollen) + was cranky because I hadn’t accomplished anything all day. Dick had done the dishes + folded up the laundry for me. He put the house with Pulliam which gives me 25,000 CCA points. So far I have a total of 62,000 for this turn in period. But the guild doesn’t seem to finish in the money. I knitted 6 sm. sqs. today, finished the last for Dick’s blanket + crocheted 3 1/2 more strips. We watched TV Bed about 11 o’clock. Elaine coming tomorrow.