Phil over. He + Dick left at 7:30. I made bed + did dishes. Wrote Doug Forde + note to Joe Lewis. Looked for photos but couldn’t find them. Timmy called. Rather long chat. He’s coming on the 26th. I went to Wonder World at noon My machine taken by a set of “partners.” They had put in over a hundred by the time I left. I went to the Race Book + bought 2 tickets for $45 each on Ellis in tonights fight. Know Dick had wanted to bet. Gave him one as a present (Didn’t tell him about the other.) Came home + fixed a meat loaf. My very first. Read some. We watched the news. Then over dinner watched “Here Comes Mr. Jordan.” Just as good as ever. The fight was a fiasco. Ellis TKO’ed by Frazer in the 4th round. Bed at 10 o’clock.