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We slept til about 10. Then Benny O’Bannion came over with plans for 3 pools. Had coffee + some coffee cake with us. I did a little sewing + finished off + bordered the hammer square. Dick put in a new threshold on the back door. I laid out the afghan and stacked up the sqs. in piles. We had lunch + Dick cleaned out the garage. Beautiful job. We called Daddy who had to call us back. He said he was feeling better today. I said he’d sounded pretty great yesterday. He said he’d been feeling “groggy and it wasn’t helped by several cocktails in the evening.” I said that was some kind of fancy hospital to serve cocktails + he said “They didn’t serve them, I brought it with me.” And then added morosely, “I surrendered it this morning.” I wrote Jim + Hilary + said we hoped they could visit. I wrote Colby + asked her to see the lawyer in New London (she’ll be there this weekend) about Alaria. I wrote Leon + typed a proposal for Dick. Called Jean Cahlan who said Sue Winn was going over tomorrow. Called Sue + then took the certificate from House of Stereo over to her. Stayed a while + then went to Wonder World + played the machine. Up to 420! The guy playing it yesterday played until 8:30!! Lost over $400. Oh dear. I came out about even after an hour. Bought groceries + a little booze + came home. Dick was napping. Had gone out for some wine + knew just where I was. Funny. I gave him a shave + we watched TV with dinner. I [crossed out words] crocheted 2 strips of squares together. Bed about 11:30.