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Dick off to class. I tried to call Daddy and got no answer. Called Barn View + Doris told me Daddy had his cataract operation yesterday + Hil + Jim were over at the hospital seeing him. I called + did get a chance to talk with him – said I’d call tomorrow. He sounded great. Talked with Hil who said they’d talked of a long weekend to visit us. Would love it if they did come. Went over to see Elaine Mills. She liked the book + is going to come talk about it on Weds. – her day off. She has a connection with Harpers – but I do think it went to an editor there – an Ursula Nordstrom (?) Will have to go over diaries + correspondence. Dick + I went to the Bonanza Country Club for lunch – had a nice time though service was poorish. Stopped at Wonder World – man playing my machine. Came home + napped. Woke when Leon called us. Washed hair + went to J + J’s for dinner. They took some pictures of us in our His + Hers sweaters to send to the Michels. Huge ham for dinner + then Poker until after one. But J + J won for a change so the evening was alot pleasanter than others lately. Joyce showed a picture she’d taken of Jack without any clothes on but luckily I had my knitting to turn to. Think she shouldn’t have. We had a nightcap when we came home + got into a stupid discussion about owner builders blah blah blah. I got tearful but Dick apologized + we went to sleep very happily + late.