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Up early – Dick off early. Wrote a poem for him for Valentine’s day – King Richard had a Lion’s Heart, Poor Richard wrote an Almanac, And a certain Richard Burton took Cleopatra to the sack. But my Dickey – Daddles, My Richard John, is the most Bewitching Richard that the sun shines on. Spent alot of the morning looking for words from magazines to cutout. Sent Candygrams to Michels, Annie, Carl + Sue + Leon. Did a load of laundry. Left the house + Wendy at 12:30. Went to Safeway for groceries + [crossed out word] a lady had just hit 777 on the machine Whee! Went to Wonder World + then to Child Haven. Very little done today. Barbara has a boy friend + didn’t want to knit. Vanessa had ripped hers out because it was “messed up.” Eartha had lost hers. Fixed Barbara’s knitting. Got Vanessa started again. Taught a little boy named Timmy to knit (?) + straightened out the wool. Was there about an hour + a half. Stopped at Wonderworld to see Joyce who was playing the machine joined her + was there almost an hour. Left absolutely even – not counting $3.00 I gave Joyce to play (so I guess I won.) Came home to find we couldn’t get another apt in Tacopa so aren’t going. Called J+J. They wouldn’t go without us – so we’re going over for dinner tomorrow night. Dick napped, then had soup + went to class. I worked on his Valentine. He was back at 9:30. I gave it to him at 10:30 when I’d finished + he gave me his – Dear, dear Poster of a funny little figure with arms outspread saying “I love you this much.” Valentines from Timmy + Newcomb today. We watched “Love American Style” (that’s a show I would really like to do) + then to sleep.