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Didn’t really do too much today. Benny O’Bannion came over as I was leaving + had a cup of coffee Interesting tale of meeting of “So. Nevada Swimming Pool Association.” I went to the Aladdin to cash a check and after a little trying left $20 richer. Went to Sprouse Reitz for more needles, took + picked up laundry + cleaning, bought groceries Home. lunch with Dick. Exterminator over. Cookies from Leon. Letters from Scotty + Sue Glick. And a “lucky Jackpot” win from some stereo company. Shades of the sewing machine (?) Dick went to look at a job + dropped me at the Bvld. I went from store to store Valentine shopping and managed to pick up a few. Took copy of my book to Elaine Mills. Met Dick at Woolworth’s had coffee + came home. Lay down + read. Fixed stuffed peppers for dinner. Alot of calls. Watched TV + went to bed after a hot bath. I knit a couple of small squares for the kids at Child Haven.