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Managed to accomplish quite a bit today. Dick’s truck wouldn’t start so he had to go get George. They had coffee here. I made 3 separate arrangements(?) out of Dick’s anniversary flowers. Spent the morning sending valentines to all the nephews + nieces along with a dollar bill each and notes. Also sent Jessie a locket with JC on it – given to Cousin Jessie by Cousin May I guess – inscribed Jan. 16th – 1943 I’d thought May had died before then. Sent in our mortgage + mailed a statement to Equity. Bought more knitting needles + went to Child Haven. Worked with Vanessa and a new child named Barbara for almost 2 hours + felt as though maybe this time something had gotten accomplished. Home at 4:40. No stops. Dick took a nap and I knitted the first hammer square. Now have only 2 squares left to go to finish blanket. Crocheted around all the remaining completed squares. It will definitely be done for our anniversary. We had a chinese dinner + watched TV. Pat Robeson called – she’s been sick. Letter from Annie (Valentine) Chem Bank and a CHAIN LETTER from Leon. Oh Leon !!! Went to bed about 10:30.