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Got something – accomplished today – not a great deal – but something. I wrote birthday cards to Lincoln – with $10 + Bill with $50 – asking again about moving out of the Keller. Paid American Express for $215.00 Airlines plus Sylvania Hotel. Took them over plus package of Margie’s + records + paint supplies to the airport post office. Next stop Safeway – did shopping – home at 12:45 – Dick home soon after. I called Linda at Child Haven + said I’d be in tomorrow. Al Guida of Occidental came over + we decided on a fairly comprehensive medical policy. Evidently there is not Blue Shield + no Blue Cross here in Nevada. After he left we went to the Bank + cashed a check for $20.00 all ones for valentines + went over to Hallmark to buy some more. Only found a funny one for Daddy. Stopped at B. Dalton’s + saw Elaine Mills who alas is leaving town in a few weeks. Came home + I knitted another saw square + a plain yellow + then started in on the hammer. Have 2 1/2 squares now to go. We had Roast beef for dinner + watched TV. Bed about 11:30.