Up at 7 – but that was the end of it. Made some calls + then Dick went back to bed. I called Julia Mullen + the money is in the bank I explained about the mail + my qualms. Called Leon + made out a check for $2000.00. We had to go to the bank at noon to sign for Dick’s loan. Then I went to Alice Turner’s. Was early + had visit with Clesse. Then on the way to the Juvenile complex I told her about our young young case worker + Dick’s qualms + a little about our records. At the meeting I got a certificate from Bill Fain for having passed orientation – blah blah. Turned in my 30,000 points to Norma Lamb. Went back with Alice + had some ice tea + a nice visit. Came home + Dick had gotten drunk again. I wasn’t aware of it right away but then I got angry as he’d promised me. He said “All right – what does that make me?” + I said “a liar.” Which was a little strong. He went to bed + didn’t get up til 10:30. I read a mystery + knitted – We went to bed together in our own room + watched a dumb science fiction movie. Had planned top go to Louigis but had to cancel. Also Dick had made an appt for me with some insurance man tomorrow at 1:30. I’d said I’d go to Child Haven tomorrow at 2 o’clock + [crossed out words] now have to back out.