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Our first anniversary – I didn’t get up til about 1 o’clock. Dick up earlier + had wakened me with large arrangement of flowers. “A funeral wreath he called them.” When I went to find him he was cozily drawn up under the table. I cleaned up the kitchen + got him to lie down in the den after a little coffee + a honeybun. However he had to top that off with a tumbler of bourbon. I called Drue + got Scotty’s itinerary – He’s going to England. After hanging up it occurred to me that if Scotty was in Arkansas with his Mother he might come to see us. Called Mrs. Davis to get Mrs. Edmonds number + then called Scotty. He can’t come. Feels he’s being called to England. I hope he is + that it works out right. I read some Martin Chezzlewit and then bathed + dressed while Dick showered + shaved. We got all spiffed up + summoned a cab to take us to the Aku-Aku. Had invited J + J but they couldn’t make it. Nice dinner with 2 maitais. Then played a little 21 + keno. Dick was ahead by $27 with the whole evening paid for. The he won 40 more + we went to the Hacienda. Lost it all. Some my fault I guess but alot his too. He insisted on my giving him the $100 bill. We should have just gone home. But why must I exercise all the judgement? We slept in the guest room for a change of scene.